sbell111's misadventures

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I'm such a slacker.

I've been lax lately and haven't gotten around to updating my blog.

The creep that was selling fake rocks on ebay quit after just a few. He probably realized that its actual work to make them and they can be fairly expensive to make and ship. I'm still looking into whether I should change my sales price on the nanos. They are still selling fairly well at the current price.

My first pinecone auction ends tomorrow. I think bidding is going ok for it. It didn't turn out exactly as I planned. I was going to create the molds using these cool pinecone macrame beads, but I didn't like them once I saw them in person. Instead, I plucked a green pinecone off a tree. It is about two inches long and perfect for to hold the containers that I had chosen. The mold turned out well and the first couple that I cast turned out pretty good. My wife was impressed with the final product, so I guess that it's good.

On the medical front, I'm going to PT three times a week. I have manual therapy at 9:15, then hydrotherapy at 10:00. From there, I rush to the office. I can't tell that its reducing my pain, but I think my mobility and strength is improving. I have a surgical consultation on the 21st. I can't wait.

I took the Jeep in and had the transmission serviced. It's somewhat better, but I'm probably going to take it back again. Last week, I (finally) put new tires on it. When I bought it last year, it had your average goodyear wranglers on it. I wanted BFG AT TA KOs, but the wranglers had plenty of life in them, so I waited. Last month, I got a flat, so I took the opportunity to order my new tires.

This morning, I went out to my Jeep about 25 minutes before I had to be at the PT office. Darned if it didn't have a nearly-flat tire. A quick inspection found a 2 1/2 inch screw in it. I didn't feel like changing it, so I quickly patched the tire. Unfortunately, my air compressor rolled over and died some time ago, and I never replaced it. I ended up using my mountain bike's CO2 inflater. It took me 9 CO2 cartridges to get my tire back up on the tread. The valve was pretty icy by the time I was finished even though it was in the 80s. I eased it to the nearest gas station and topped it off. I made it to PT on-time.