Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Time marches on...

Not much news here. My schedule, health, and attitude have precluded any caching. I want to get out more, I'm just too lazy.

Some lout bought a geocaching rock from me a couple of weeks ago and is now selling a similar item on ebay. I don't think his looks as good and I doubt that he is using the hardeners that I started using this year to keep it from eroding, but I'm biased. I'll let it go a few weeks before determining whether to adjust my pricing strategy.

The guy who is selling the nano caches is undercutting my pricing, but charging more for shipping. Hopefully, geocachers won't fall for it for very long. I considered dropping my prices, but I'm going to wait. Until this week, mine have still sold enough to turn a profit on the listings. Plus, I use the containers in my acorns, so I'm not going to get stuck with a bunch of unsold ones.

I think that I am about a week and a half from casting my first fake pine cones. If all goes well, I'll do two types; a skinny one and a fat one. The originals are going to be shipped to me, so I'm getting really anxious. I think that I can mold good copies, but time will tell. I have some .25 ml plastic vials that might be the perfect container for these. They are small with a tight fitting lid that I think I can drill a hole in to allow the pinecones to be hung. I have a plan for painting them that I hope will turn out well.

On the medical front: I visited my orthopedist the other day. He declared that he had tried everything he could and referred me to a surgeon. He also ordered more PT. His thinking seemed to be 'it probably couldn't hurt'.

I also have to take my Jeep to the shop. The transmission is slipping in first gear. What a pain, I almost always have to go off on my dealership to keep them from screwing me. I'm stuck, of course, because there is only one Jeep dealer in town.


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