Monday, May 02, 2005

More ouchies, a new tool from my Pop results in a new cache and more ebay and a few laughs

Its been a few weeks since I posted anything. Sometimes, time moves on and I just sit there watching it go by. I got another ESI the Friday before last and will receive the last one in the series this Friday. I don't think that they are helping. I hope they do, though. I sure don't want to have surgery.

A month or so ago, my Dad sent out a email to just about everybody in the family announcing that he doesn't want his tools anymore, offering them to all takers. I pretty much had all the tools that I wanted and would fit into the tiny space set aside in the garage for them, so I pretty much took a pass except for offering to give his drill press a home.

I didn't think much more about it. Having quite a few things on my plate, this issue was quickly forgotten. I also figured that it would go to one of my stepmother's son-in-laws. (Angst-filled story to be held for a later date, probably around Christmas-time.) It was with much surprise that I received an early morning telephone call from my brother a couple weeks ago, announcing that he would be bringing the tool by that morning. He was nice enough to unload the beast and put it in my garage by himself, since I had to work. (Note to myself: Do something nice for both he and my dad.)

A few days later, I took a walk on a little trail near my subdivision's golf course. Noticing some a few wayward golf balls, I recalled all the posts in the geocaching forums denouncing used golf balls in caches. It got me thinking. What about a cache that was INSIDE a golf ball? I've had these tiny 1.2ml nalgene chryogenic vials for a while. They are quite small and waterproof, but I hadn't found a good use for them. They are the perfect size to put into a golf ball.

When I went home, I paid a visit to my golf bag. My clubs haven't had any use since my accident last December, so the loss of a couple balls wasn't going to kill me. I clamped a ball into the drill press and drilled a hole almost all the way through it. Next, I drilled out the hole slightly larger for the fist half-inch or so. This allows the vial to be recessed into the golf ball with only a small sliver of the cap showing, just enough to unscrew the cap easily. I used a strong adhesive and glued the vial into the ball, careful to not get any adhesive on the cap. It turned out very well.

I have the perfect place to hide it. In plain site, just off the trail in an area bordering a golf course, but on the opposite side of the trail. I tossed one on ebay, too. A couple of people have also expressed interest in buying a number of these. Cool.

Last Saturday night, my wife and I saw Dana Carvey perform at a local college. Since its a Christian college, he had to tone his show way down, but he was still quite funny.