Monday, April 18, 2005

Went geocaching, kind of...

I took Cathy to LA for the weekend. While we were there, I showed her some of the touristy things that she wouldn't necessarily find on her own. Left on her own, she'd go on one of those cheesy homes-o-the-stars tours (yawn). She got a kick out of visiting the fire station used in filming the old 'Emergency' TV series. She has a serious crush on Randolph Mantooth. I don't get it, but I guess I don't have to.

We were only there for the weekend, so I didn't really plan to do any serious caching on this trip. I checked the immediate areas of each place we were going and didn't see any caches that I hadn't found, so I just dumped a gpx file of caches nearest our hotel into my 3+ and pda and headed out.

While doing my quick and dirty reasearch, I noticed that Dru Morgan had a little cache that had been missing for a while at Universal. I asked him if wanted to replace it for him and he said yes, but he didn't give me a clue as to where the cache had been hidden.

I went to the location and put it in the best place I could find, based on the clues. Of course I was wrong. The good news is the cache has been placed. He is going to go out and move it to his preferred spot. I tried to do him a favor. I'm not sure that I was successful. Oh, well.

I had to try to limit my whining about my back during the brief trip. Cathy was giving our dogs a bath a few days before we left and lifted my do the wrong way. It was her turn to get pity; not mine.