Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Last summer, I made a mold of a rock so I cast my own geo-rock caches. I casted the rocks using a mix of portland cement, white sand, a hardener, various dyes, and water. I'm getting pretty good at matching the look of real rocks.

I've sold a few of these on ebay, but I may stop selling them. Since they are heavy, they can be costly to ship. This high overhead results in very low profits. I've even had to send a couple at a slight loss.

I've sold some other geocaching items, also. Last summer, I camoed some ammo cans and sold them. I had pretty much the same problem. Ready-to-go caches can be costly to ship and there was no consistency in sales price, so I gave them up.

I've had better luck with my dark painted bison tubes and tiny magnetic caches. People seem to like those.

When you get right down to it, though, there really hasn't been much profit through my ebay activities. Its more of a hobby than a profit center. My wife lets me indulge in it as long as I don't have a negative gain and don't let it take over the house. She's made it clear that the ebay stuff is to stay in the garage.


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